ice cream dream

icecream dream.jpg

Vogue is calling for an ice cream party! Add these hues to your palette. These colors aren’t just for ice creams, sherbets and sorbets. Scoop some mint chocolate chip into your outfit with accessories or statement pieces to indulge in this trend.

Ice cream and cotton candy hues add a dash of sweetness to your seasons head to toe looks. Mixing in bright pieces for fall and winter will brighten up those gloomy winter months and take you back to summers baby blue skies.

Linda Richards has your flavor fix in a few of our garments. Our long Rex Rabbit scarf pays tribute to your childhood ice cream parlor with colors like pistacio, strawberries-n-cream and lemon-lime.


FT-71 BLUSH (1)pretty-pastel-ice-cream-party-via-karas-party-ideas-karaspartyideas-com3_-e1530547835453.jpg


Be sure to follow this trend before it melts like your favorite ice cream cone!


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